Mold Testing

Mold isn’t something you want as a houseguest. Unfortunately, many homes in the Baltimore area struggle with this problem. Whenever moisture is present, the possibility for mold formation exists. Whether you’re purchasing a new home or have concerns about the home you’ve lived in for year, contact Lodestar Inspection Services for a home mold inspection.

During the inspection, a certified home inspector examines all the nooks and crannies in the home for signs of moisture or mold. It’s important to get rid of mold because its presence leads to health complications. If there is anyone in your family that suffers from respiratory issues or has allergies, mold growth can exacerbate those problems. Mold also affects the structural integrity of your home, especially when it exists in large quantities throughout the home. Fixing a mold problem that’s gotten out of control is time consuming and costly. Save yourself this headache and get ahead of problems.

At Lodestar Inspection Services, our certified inspectors have years of experience and high-tech tools to find all instances of mold. Protect your investment and keep your family healthy with whole-house mold inspection and testing services. Contact us today to schedule mold testing in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas.