Radon Testing

Do you need radon testing? Contact Lodestar Inspection Services and schedule your testing today. In Baltimore, radon testing isn’t required. It’s an optional test that not every home inspection company offers. However, we believe radon testing in Baltimore, MD, is something that should never be passed over for the health and safety of everyone in the home.

Radon is a radioactive gas. It’s found in homes throughout the country and gets into the air that you breathe in your home. Radon occurs naturally when uranium breaks down in water, soil, and rock. People who are exposed to radon for long periods of time have an increased risk of developing lung cancer. One of the reasons that every home should have a radon home inspection done is that radon is a silent offender. You can’t see or smell radon, but your body will certainly feel its effects. Physical symptoms that radon is in the home include things such as persistent coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, loss of appetite, etc.

Don’t wait for these symptoms to develop to prompt you to get radon testing. Whether you’re buying a new home or have lived in your house for many years, call Lodestar Inspection Services to schedule home radon testing. We service homes in Baltimore, MD, and the surrounding areas. Protect your family’s health and schedule radon testing with certified inspectors today!