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Leave the Scheduling to Us

We perform almost all the services your clients need - and the ones we don’t, we’ll schedule and coordinate for you.

Tight Inspection Contingency?

Our 7 inspectors make it possible for us to consistently schedule inspections with just 1 to 2 days lead-time.

You Work 7 Days a Week , So We Do, Too!

We answer calls, texts, and emails 7 days a week - and inspect every day, too!

Mock Home Inspections (Training)


...avoided asking home inspection questions in front of clients - feeling like you should "just know" this stuff?

Inspectors Who Educate and Empower – Not Scare

We provide the same technical information as other great inspectors do - and we do it in a way that leaves buyers empowered, not scared.

Online Scheduling

Click below to choose a date and time and to receive pricing. Of course we love hearing from you by phone/text at 410.878.3039

Wasting Time Coordinating with Listing Agents?

We coordinate all home inspections, ancillary services, and radon pickup-ups with the listing agent - you’ve got more important things to do!

We Do Our Own WDI Inspections


We don't do treatments, so we are truly independent.

OMG! This PIN creator will give you back your life!

Seriously, this tool will revolutionize your business. Check out how it works - and how easy it is!

No more Rewriting Inspection Comments – Ours are Addendum-Ready

Each of our comments stands alone – no more wading through rambling comments and rewriting them for clarity.

We Have Sentricards – No Need to Meet Us

You don’t have to meet us to unlock doors just so we can pick up radon monitors and do inspections! Our Sentricards save you time!

We Offer Free Trainings For Agents & Buyers – Online and In-Person


One hour classes (with a licensed inspector) that give you easy ways to handle client questions/concerns about ancillary inspection services - including understanding reports!

Test Drive the “Repair Request” Tool

Want to try this time-saver on a sample report? Just click on the Report Tool tab in the upper right-hand corner of the sample report and give it a try.

We Know What We’re Doing!

• 10,000+ inspections performed
• 2 Certified Master Inspectors
• 1,000’s of hours of training
• Decades of industry experience

Girl Power

Want female inspectors? We’ve got ‘em! 2, in fact! Rachel - GM & Inspector and Kate - Head Inspector

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