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Home Inspections

There are only two types of homes, ones that need repairs and ones that are going to need repairs. Instead of being scared of the home you live in or the home you’re preparing to buy, we help homeowners and homebuyers become empowered through increased knowledge of their home.


  • Radon levels are a big concern in Maryland
  • Leading cause of lung cancer death among non smokers
  • Most clients add radon testing to their home inspection

Consider Testing if:

  • House is in Maryland

(done with home inspection)


  • Can grow anywhere there is moisture
  • Can cause sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, cough and dry skin, and others
  • Can be hidden behind drywall

Consider Testing if:

  • You see water or water damage
  • Have concerns about allergies/asthma
  • Just want to be sure

(done with home inspection)

Lead Paint

  • Is a concern for pre 1978 homes with kids ages 0-6 and pregnant women
  • Causes neurological damage to kids
  • Required for rental properties in MD and DC.

Consider Testing if:

  • You are buying a pre 1978 Home
  • Are going to be doing renovations to the pre 1978 home
  • Are concerned about the safety of kids ages 0-6

(depending on location and size of home)
Usually $320-$370


  • Is required testing by lenders for homes with well water
  • Detects contaminants in drinking water
  • Helps determine if you need a water treatment system
  • Can give insight into the health of the well system

Consider Testing if:

  • You are buying a home that is on well water
  • You want to have peace of mind about the well-water you are drinking
  • You are concerned about contaminants in the water (salt runoff, bacteria, fertilizers) 
  • You are buying a pre-1987 house on public water (potential lead in pipes)

(done with home inspection)
$250 for lender required testing for well water (making sure it’s safe to drink)
$135 for lead in water only
$190 for radium in water only
$125 salt water intrusion


Septic Evaluation

  • Determines if the septic system needs to be pumped
  • Determines if the septic system is leaking 
  • Is required by most lenders for homes on septic systems (not on public sewer)

Consider Testing if:

  • Required by lenders if you have a septic system
  • You are buying a home with a septic system
  • Most home buyers with septic systems order a test since septic systems can run north of $18,000-80,000 to replace

(depending on location and amount of digging required)


Termite Inspection

  • Required by most lenders
  • Looks for damage to home from wood destroying insects (termites, carpenter bees, and others)
  • Determines if treatment needs to be done to protect the home
  • Termite damage is costly

Consider testing if:

  • You are receiving a bank loan (most banks require it)
  • You are concerned about termite infestation
  • You see small bug wings on window-sills
  • You have baseboards or floors that crumble under light pressure



  • Determines if housing materials contain asbestos
  • Causes lung damage
  • Removal can be costly

Consider testing if:

  • Your house was built before the 1980’s
  • You are going to do renovations to a house built before the 1980’s
  • If you have 9 inch square floor tiles
  • If you have popcorn ceilings or ‘cast’ looking insulation around pipes

$195 for one sample.
$40 for each additional sample.


  • A video camera is snaked into the main sewer line
  • Identifies main sewer line blockages between house and road
  • Identifies deterioration of drain lines
  • Provide information that can prevent flooding

Consider testing if:

  • You have slow drains
  • There are trees in or near your yard
  • Your yard has standing water in it/is swampy/soggy/squishy

$275 if there is access to the main cleanout.
Additional $125 if no access.

InfraRed Scan

  • Used to determine hidden water leaks
  • By seeing unexpected temperature differences, we know where to target-test for water in floor, ceiling, and walls using a moisture meter 
  • Indicates overheating electrical components

Consider testing if:

  • You see water staining and want to be sure the leak has been eliminated
  • You’re concerned that there might be hidden leaks 
  • If you see freshly painted surfaces and are concerned that they might be hiding damage
  • You’re concerned about the safety of the electric panel

$135 up to 2,500 square feet

Drug Residue Testing

  • Leftover on a home’s interior surfaces after illicit drugs have been manufactured in a home.
  • Residue from smoking crystal meth, pcp, and other drugs can remain on surfaces in a home
  • Side effects of exposure can be dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and neurological problems

Consider testing if:

  • Home has been vacant and might have had squatters in it
  • You’re planning to move in without doing any renovations
  • You are a landlord or property manager 

$225 for first wipe sample

Rental Property Inspections

  • Baltimore City Rental properties must be inspected by a licensed home inspector who has been certified by the City.
  • For the list of approved inspectors, click HERE
  • City property inspections are required a year after the first licensing inspection and then every 2-3 years after that
  • Baltimore County Rental properties must be inspected by a licensed home inspector every 3 years

Consider a rental inspection if:

  • You have just bought an investment property and want to rent it out
  • You are a property manager and need to get or keep multiple units into compliance
  • You haven’t been in the property in several years or have a long-term tenant move out and new tenants moving in

$95 for single unit inspections
Contact us for pricing for multi-family property pricing

“As a local Real Estate professional, Lodestar is my “go to” inspection company. Myself and my clients appreciate the thorough inspections completed by any of the Lodestar Team’s competent inspectors. The inspection reports are thorough, and provide simple summaries to review when asking for repair requests. 5 stars 🌟 and many referrals go to this top notch inspection company!”

Jaimelee Hood
June 2020


“It was a great experience. The inspector was very thorough and professional. She explained everything to me and answered all my questions. Highly recommended.”

Sadia Omer
June 2020

“Jennifer at Lodestar is always a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, efficient, accommodating and puts the customers needs first. Many of my clients choose Lodestar due to the professionalism and promptness of availability, services and the information on what to expect.”

Christy Staruk
May 2020

“The full service aspect that Lodestar offers is super valuable when coordinating a Real Estate transaction. I make one call for our clients and within minutes all of their inspections from property, to radon to well/septic are on the books and within the timelines we need to keep within contract. Highly recommend!”

Shawn Wilkinson
June 2020

“Very thorough and professional. My fiancé and I are first time home buyers and our inspector explained everything to us room by room. It was a great experience.”

Allison Alvarez
June 2020

“I have been recommending LodeStar to my client’s for a long time and they continue to be among the very best in inspection industry.”

Matt Rhine
June 2020

“Lodestar/Rachel Oslund’s Team always provides top-notch inspections, is always willing to make sure my clients understand everything about the home they are purchasing, and provide informative reports which educate the clients -not alarm them.”

Dianne Jensen
May 2020

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