Are you planning on getting a home inspection this spring? Although this can seem nerve-racking, especially if it’s your first time having an inspection, there’s nothing to worry about if you’ve taken proper care of your home. You might be wondering what does happen during a home inspection. Here’s everything you should expect from home inspection companies in Baltimore, MD, this spring.

Your Roof Will Be Inspected

One of the most significant areas of your home, your roof, will be thoroughly inspected. A local home inspection company will ensure there aren’t severe repairs that need to be taken care of this spring and identify protrusions that a professional will have to reseal before fall and winter weather. Fortunately, most roof inspections can be done from the ground, but if you’re worried about certain shingles needing replacement, your inspector might have to gain access to your roof.

Roof inspection

Your Chimney Will Be Inspected

During your home inspection, a chimney inspection will also be performed to make sure there are no loose or missing bricks. Additionally, a professional will also check your flue and ensure there are no obstructions, which can cause smoke to fill your home, rather than make its way up and out of your chimney. If there are serious chimney issues, you might have to hire a mason for repairs.

Your Gutter Will Be Cleaned and/or Repaired

It’s essential that you keep your gutters debris-free year-round. If you don’t, they can quickly become clogged and cause severe water damage to your home, especially your roof. This is also another area that a home inspector will look for potential repairs. In most cases, homeowners have a relatively easy time properly maintaining their gutters, but for those that leave theirs to waste, you might need to get your gutters replaced or hire a professional to clean your gutters routinely from now on.

Your Windows Will Be Inspected

During your home inspection, your property’s windows will also be inspected for potential weather stripping and patchy window caulking. If your home inspector notices cracks around your windows, they will suggest recaulking the area to ensure no air enters or escapes your home, which can lead to energy leaks, costing you a fortune. If you’re not familiar with caulking, you should hire a reputable professional to take care of this work for you as well as any other additional window repairs that might need to be done.

Windows on house

Your Attic Will Be Inspected and/or Repaired

The final stop your home inspector will make is to your attic. They will ensure your attic has safe insulation levels and doesn’t have any unsuspected repairs that need to be made this spring. Fortunately, this check won’t take very long to do and can be incredibly beneficial to yourself, since the attic is the last place in your home that you’ll spend cleaning and maintaining. Your home inspector will also take some time to inspect your attic for pesky insects that could be damaging your home, such as termites. If there are animal droppings in your attic, your inspector will also suggest hiring a local wildlife or pest control company to get rid of the issue in your home.

There’s a lot to keep in mind and expect when planning a spring home inspection, from your roof being thoroughly inspected to having your windows carefully recaulked and looked over. Hopefully, by following this guide today, you can get a better idea of what to expect when you get an inspection this season. To book one today, contact Lodestar Inspection Services and get a free consultation!