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Ins and Outs of Home Inspections for Buyers

Come and learn what to expect from a home inspection and get your questions answered about what goes in the home inspection report – and what doesn’t – and why. This class will prepare you for your home inspection – and give you some things to think about as you are looking at houses. Whether you are buying now or sometime in the next year or two, the info will be valuable for you. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Asbestos - Coming Apart at the Seams

Recognize potential asbestos-containing materials. Manage your clients’ concerns about asbestos and understand when testing materials makes sense – and doesn’t. Don’t let those asbestos shingles sidetrack your buyer’s dream of home-ownership – we’ll help you educate them so they can move forward confidently.


Hard Money Lending - How to Fund Your Rehab

Seriously – the title says it all. Questions we’ll answer:

  • What is hard money?
  • Why would people use a hard money lender?
  • Isn’t the interest rate crazy-high?
  • How does it all work?
  • How can it be the first step in creating a real estate investing empire that funds your retirement and builds a legacy?


Chimney - No Smoke and Mirrors - Just the Facts

A level 2 inspection? Your client has googled it and demands a level 3. We’ll briefly go over the differences between the Level 1, 2, and 3 Inspections and why the Level 2 is the standard during real estate transactions. And why quotes are so dang high from chimney companies! We’ll have our own Certified Master Home Inspector and Chimney Safety Institute of America Certified Chimney Sweep, Kate Johnson, on the call today with us! Your questions will be left in the ashes by the end of the call. 🙂


Lead Paint - Testing & EPA Standards Made Easy

1978. Limited Lead Free. Lead Free. XRF. Dust Swipes. Why is it so confusing? Feels like it’s clear as mud! Today we’ll have a guest educator, Neil Roseman, owner of LeadProbe, co-owner of LodeStar Inspection Services, and an expert in all things lead paint related. Rachel will facilitate to ensure that your questions are heard and answered, so bring ’em on!! If you work with investors, property managers, or buyers of older homes you won’t want to miss this!


Negotiations - The Realtor's® Super Power

How to negotiate with your buyer when they want all of the items found by inspectors to be fixed, and that isn’t reasonable.

Tips on keeping your cool with your buyers, sellers, AND the agent representing the other side of the deal. (And I don’t mention meditation, deep breathing or yoga. You already know that those are useful long term. I’ll share tools to use in-the-moment, too!)


Sewer Scopes - Preventing a Crappy Situation

We’ll address these myths that have lead to actual clients having raw sewage in their basements – so you are less likely to get a call after settlement about a crappy situation in the basement.

I’m not going to have a sewer scope because:

  • This house doesn’t have any trees in the yard.
  • It’s newly rehabbed.
  • It’s a really pretty flip.
  • I have the sewer line replacement insurance/warranty.
  • It’s new construction.
  • The drains are running fine.


Save Deals by Managing Buyer Expectations

Gain tools to help you answer clients’ questions about home inspections – before they even start looking at houses! This training promotes long-term buyer satisfaction and fewer deals falling apart due to unmet buyer expectations.


Mold - The 4-Letter Word Shouldn’t Derail a Dream

Learn what to say when your clients say the basement smells musty, how to read a Mold Lab Report, and why mold doesn’t have to derail a transaction.


Radon - To test or not to test?

During this radon class you’ll learn why, even though radon is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among non-smokers, it’s Rachel’s favorite “problem” to have with a house. You’ll also learn when testing is and isn’t a good idea and get tips on explaining radon and testing to clients.


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Mock Home Inspection - Eliminate Imposter Syndrome

Don’t fake your expertise in front of your clients – come to this in-person training to better understand the components of a house, how the components work together, and how to manage client expectations. We’ll cover the roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and more! You will leave this training able to confidently answer your client’s questions while staying in your lane as the real estate professional.


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