Sewer Scope Inspections

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Sewer scopes or camera sewer line inspections are for properties that are on public water, and they take about one to two hours. This inspection allows you to see if tree roots, corrosion, or anything else is blocking the main sewer line. If that line is blocked – even partially – it will cause slow drains and sewage to back up into your home. The sewer scope is recommended for any home that has trees and other plants in the yard, has cast iron or galvanized steel drains, has recently been rehabbed, or is more than a few years old. Almost any house can benefit from the information gleaned from this inspection. The price is $275 – $325 depending on distance from the Baltimore metropolitan area.

The sewer line inspection gets started by the inspector locating the main cleanout and removing the access cap from it. The main cleanout is usually in the basement, but if there is no accessible main cleanout, the inspection is completed removing a toilet, and recording the sewer lines from there. There is a $225 additional charge for removal of the toilet. Once the inspector has an opening to the sewer line they then slowly feed a camera into the main sewer line. Everything the camera is recording is visible on a monitor to you and the inspector. You get a report and the video of the sewer line.

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